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to our website. We tried to provide the viewer with a basic understanding of some of the insurance and retirement products we handle. Please make yourself at home and wander around the site. We will be adding and changing the site on a regular basis to keep it informative and valuable ( we also post current trends on our FACEBOOK site: www.facebook.com/DanielJMabryInsurance?ref=hl).. If you would like SPECIFIC information for YOUR Insurance and Retirement situation, fill out as much as you can on one of the secure insurance quote forms on this site, and submit it to us and we can discuss particulars over the phone or in person. Forwarding the declaration page of your current insurance policy always helps in comparing apples to apples. Of course we always welcome old fashioned phone calls during the day and even after 6pm! (24/7 for emergencies) !


Our Company

is a little different from most Insurance agencies. First of all we are an "Independent Insurance Agency". That means after careful review of the many Insurance and financial companies licensed to do business in California we have settled on select Carriers with financial stability, and good customer service who provide excellent value. Many Insurance agents are "captive", meaning they only represent only ONE company. When an agent represents only ONE company.....guess which one is recommended ? Modern technology is making it easier for us to fill out a standard application form for you and submit it to MULTIPLE companies so they "BID" on fulfilling YOUR needs. This process changes the dynamic when we shop for your insurance, YOU and YOUR agent are in the driver's seat. The little Term Life Insurance EZ rater (above)  is an example of this new technology. Please play with it. 



We are California licensed agents. NOT a computer. NOT clerks in an out-of-state or off-shore call center in India or Mexico. At times we use company supplied experts to craft coverage for special risks. Collectors cars, Vineyard and Equine Insurance are just a few examples of risks we tap expert opinions on. Dan Mabry had his first insurance agent license  in the 1980 s and  before that worked as an insurance inspector and investigator. So we have a good understanding of what underwriters are looking for, and steps you can take to reduce risk and lower costs. The people here are all competent professionals who understand your need for confidentiality and protection. Your personal information will remain personal and confidential.




If you know of a SHARP, HONEST, and TRAINABLE person looking to HELP others online and over the phone part time or full time from home, please have them email us at : danmabry@gmail.com. They will need to have a clean criminal record and be willing to obtain a State insurance License.